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Reliable alarms. Rapid responses.

Bid farewell to false positives, undetected emergencies, and unclear communications with the iSMART solution for building safety. Discover why Devices World is the number one name in fire alert systems nationwide.


Seamless Data Integration

iSMART delivers highly reliable data in real time along with historical trending data that effectively improves the manpower and time resources available at a fire rescue department through automated monitoring. Urgent data is immediately transmitted to recipients. In the event of a fire, building plans and other relevant data can also be incorporated into the information stream received from the fire and rescue department.

Seamless Communication

Building owners, staff, and fire & rescue personnel can access data using the web browser without requiring any technical or specialist knowledge. Annual maintenance will only involve software updates and upgrades; system back-up and other administrative tasks are handled at the server level by the solution provider.

Increased Productivity

iSMART not only delivers fire alarm alerts, but also provides intensive monitoring of firefighting and safety installations, enhancing fire safety monitoring and firefighting operations. Additionally, it also eliminates false alarms, while its self-check feature ensures faults are automatically reported in a process known as eMaintenance.

High Scalability

iSMART updates are automatically delivered to the cloud ensuring that all connected devices are up-to-date on enhancements. This unique platform also allows for flexibility to integrate with communication channels via the Internet and the interface works with Web browsers that include smartphones and tablets.


Through effective management and control of false alarms, iSMART offers cost-effectiveness to users. In addition, it requires minimal system and hardware maintenance, further lowering costs.


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Challenges with the Conventional System

Conventional fire alarm systems face a series of challenges, with the most significant factors being:

  • High maintenance cost
  • Poor maintenance service
  • Poor capabilities from appointed contractors
  • Complex implementation
  • Limited expansion capabilities

Existing fire certification procedures demand extensive manpower and time resources in ensuring that the fire detection and fire-fighting systems deployed in buildings or other facilities conform with these regulations. These regulations also require upgrades of the fire fighting and fire detections systems to meet industry standard interface and upgradable external communication functionalities. Therefore, legacy fire alarm systems need to be replaced to allow ease of integration and regulatory compliance.

The iSMART Solution

Fire departments, building managers, and property owners need a sustainable and integrated system to effectively manage, monitor, and control fire alarms with minimal cost and maintenance. Hence, iSMART.
iSMART Architecture
The Internet-based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (iSCADA) is a complete SaaS platform developed by Intel’s partner (Devices World) and optimized for IoT, utilizing public internet infrastructure as the data communication medium while monitoring and controlling distributed systems from a central location.

Success Stories


Northport (Malaysia) Bhd, situated at Port Klang, Malaysia is a member of MMC Group. Northport is one of the largest multi-purpose ports of its kind in the national ports system offering dedicated facilities and services to handle wide variety of cargoes ranging from containers to cars, break bulk cargoes as well as capacity to handle liquid and dry bulk cargoes of all types and shipment sizes.

Northport were having trouble with the logistics of their facility maintenance, as well as their fire alarms being triggered. The smoke detection sensors in their energy meter facilities were being triggered by smoke emissions from trucks and setting off the fire alarms, causing unnecessary stress. Northport were also looking to increase the efficiency of their fire safety maintenance across their facilities.

Devices World deployed iSMART in Northport in order to resolve the issue of false alarms and enhance the logistics of maintaining their fire safety systems. The iSMART system was placed in Northport to rectify the fire alarm issues by resetting the alarm and detecting whether it was a false alarm, or if there actually is danger of a fire. Facilities managers are notified through SMS alerts if action is needed to be. Additionally, Northport is able to monitor the health and status of their fire alarm panels and fire safety systems through the iSMART solution.


MARA University of Technology (UiTM) is a public university based primarily in Shah Alam, Selangor. It is the largest higher education institution in Malaysia by physical infrastructure, staff organization and student enrolment. The university comprises one main campus, 13 autonomous state campuses and 21 satellite campuses. The massive responsibility of managing and educating a large and diverse student population has resulted in this expansion. Conventional maintenance based on information from BAS and IBMS is no longer optimal. Having invested heavily in sophisticated building management systems, only to see those becoming white elephants, UiTM made a strategic decision to embrace eMaintenance for its campuses nationwide – both existing, and new ones in development.

UiTM was looking to address issues regarding their fire safety systems, which is where Devices World came in. Through the implementation of iSMART, with its real-time data and alerts, they were able to monitor their alarm systems. Additionally, the iSMART solution monitors and provides data on fire safety systems such as water pumps and fire sprinkler systems. With 24/7, real-time alerts, facility managers and other relevant personnel are able to receive alerts if an alarm is triggered, via SMS at any time of the day. iSMART has enabled UiTM to clearly understand and maintain the health of their fire safety systems throughout their campuses and building facilities.