Facility Maintenance

Find issues fast & fix issues fast with iSCADA for Facility Maintenance.

Stay one step ahead with real-time information from every system in your facility. Knowing what’s happening now means discovering what might happen next.



  • Routine inspections is reduced when real time monitoring is in place.
  • Downtime computation is fully automated with machine generated data.
  • Direct access to online reports reduces manual reporting.
  • Data analysis can all be done by a single team of experts at the headquarters instead of deploying them at every site.


Machine-generated KPIs provide a transparent and accurate measure of maintenance quality and acts as a benchmark for performance evaluation.

FMs who adopt this eMaintenance model are able to win the confidence of their clients by objectively verifying Service Level Agreement commitments in a timely and transparent manner.


iSCADA’s 10-level escalating and recurring alerts management system plays the crucial role of:

  • Immediately alerting the local technician of failures
  • Sending out reminders at predetermined intervals as long as the failure persists.
  • Sending out second-level alerts to the supervisor if the downtime exceeds a predetermined threshold.
  • Continuing the escalation all the way to the headquarters or the client.

This mean full accountability and alertness across the organization, resulting in high facilities uptime, happy clients, profits, and sustainability.


For implementation, contact info@iscada.my or call +603 8075 8600

Maintenance Challenges

  • Costly inspections are necessary to learn facility status.
  • Lengthy intervals between problem detection and transmission of the issue to decision-makers.
  • Cumbersome to check KPIs & Service Level Agreements.

How iSCADA eMaintenance Works

iSCADA’s model of eMaintenance functions through the deployment of embedded Internet gateways to extract only relevant maintenance-related information at the source. It then transmits the data to a central server on the Internet. Similar data from all sites are consolidated, processed, and delivered in real time to the desktops and mobile devices of technicians and decision makers at all levels of management.

Success Stories

University Malaya (UM)

University of Malaya, or UM, Malaysia's oldest university, is situated on a 922 acre (373.12 hectare) campus in the southwest of Kuala Lumpur.

Through real-time monitoring and in-depth analysis from trending data via iSCADA, University Malaya was able to address long-standing problems in their water reticulation system. Levels of reservoirs and tanks, incoming and outgoing flow rates, flow switches and pump control panel status were among the parameters delivered from remote sites throughout the campus to the desktops and mobile phones of facilities managers and technicians alike.

Successful deployment of iSCADA in the mechanical and civil departments led to planned campus-wide deployment for managing the electrical distribution networks and other M&E facilities.

Mission Critical Data Centres Multinational

40,000+ Employees Worldwide; Data Centres located in Malaysia and Singapore require real-time in-situ environmental monitoring and trending. iSCADA was deployed to monitor UPS system, electrical system, temperature & humidity, precision air conditioners, water detection and fire suppression systems.


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